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Welcome to Perspective N Wisdom's Donation-Based Personal Tarot Readings!

All personal tarot readings are donation-based, allowing you to contribute any amount you feel comfortable with.

To request a personal reading, simply send me a message through the form below with your one question.

Once I receive your personal reading request, I will respond to your message via email with a date when I can deliver your reading. Your personal reading will be provided to you via a private YouTube recording video link, exclusively for you. Along with your personal reading, I will provide you with a donation link.

Personal readings are approximately 10 minutes long each and are limited to one question per reading. You may order multiple readings which must be submitted separately if you wish.

Below are the three different types of personal tarot readings I offer:

  1. General Self-Love Guidance: A comprehensive overview of your current situation and potential outcomes.

  2. Love and Relationships Reading: Insights into your romantic relationships or potential love interests.

  3. Career and Finances Reading: Guidance on career paths, financial opportunities, and success strategies.

I look forward to connecting with you and providing clarity and guidance through the wisdom of tarot!

General Self-Love Guidance
Career & Finances Reading
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Love & Relationships Reading

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